The Traveller's Yellow Pages for Saint Petersburg

Automobile rental

Practically all automobile rentals in St. Petersburg offer you a possibility to rent a car for chauffer-drive, self-drive or order taxi services. Experience shows, however, that for visitors, a car with a driver is safer, less expensive and more comfortable.


Automobile rental (10)
Rental of retro cars, limousines, minibuses with driver, riverboats
Ligovskiy pr., 10, of. 2106
Tel: 903-27-04
Daily 0-24; Ploshchad Vosstaniya

Cars in Time
Automobile rental (10)
Rental of cars with and without driver
Morskoy Slavy pl., 1
Tel: 337-17-77
Daily 9-21; Primorskaya

Automobile rental (10)
Mercedes and Opel minibuses and passenger cars with driver
13-ya liniya, 42, pom. 49
Tel: 327-72-56
Mo-Fr 9-18; Vasileostrovskaya

Automobile rental (10)
Cars, buses, minibuses and limousines with driver
Helicopters rental (1)
Obvodnogo kan. nab., 93a, MDTs Neptun
Tel: 969-69-32
Mo-Fr 9-21; Pushkinskaya

Automobile rental (10)
Passenger cars and minibuses
Koli Tomchaka ul., 28, lit. A, of. 506
Tel: 640-02-11
Mo-Fr 9-18; Elektrosila
Sheremetevskaya ul., 15
Tel: 326-45-05
Daily 9-21; Zvezdnaya

Imperiya limuzinov
Limousines Empire
Automobile rental (10)
Rental of retro cars, limousines and minibuses with driver
Information: 600-33-34
Kantemirovskaya ul., 37, of. 414
Mo-Fr 11-20, Sa 11-19, Su 12-18; Lesnaya
Suvorovskiy pr., 2, lit. B, b/ts Suvorovskiy, of. 410
Mo-Fr 11-20, Sa 11-19, Su 12-18; Ploshchad Vosstaniya

Automobile rental (10)
Rental of limousines, business class cars and buses with driver
Aleksandra Nevskogo pl., 2, gostinitsa Moskva, pod. 5, of. 1
Tel: 333-22-88
Daily 10-20; Ploshchad Aleksandra Nevskogo

Automobile rental (10)
Rental of Mercedes cars, limousines, minibuses with driver
Nevskiy pr., 63, of. 43
Tel: 336-60-33
Daily 9-23; Mayakovskaya

Automobile rental (10)
Rental of cars, buses, minibuses and limousines with driver
Prosveshcheniya pr., 33, kor. 2
Tel: 296-08-35
Daily 0-24; Prospekt Prosveshcheniya

Automobile rental (10)
Cars, minibuses and buses with driver
9-ya liniya, 36/40, b/ts Ostrov
Tel: 322-58-00
Daily 9-20; Vasileostrovskaya

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